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What Others
Are Saying
- Steve T.
“I had to go to the ER the bill was close to $30,000! Thanks to my Medicare Supplement plan I had zero out of pocket expenses.”
- Felipe H.
"I feel more at ease that I can now afford my medication with no worries about cost."
- Alice V.
"I can afford my utilities better, and also food."
- Ruby F.
"It has made a lot of difference in my life as I was barely getting by…I am thankful I got on your program because it has been a blessing to me."
- Washington S.
"I really thank Medicare Supplements for helping me – it has been a great relief. They have been great."
- Betty A.
"All of the team are very nice, we are well pleased."
- Gloria F.
"Thank you for your help."
- Betty K.
"Keep up the wonderful way you are doing business."
- Patricia G.
"I would like to thank everyone there for all the help. It has been a very big help to us."
- James H.
"I have been completely satisfied with your efforts to meet my needs. When my needs aren't met it is most likely because my qualifications don't meet the standard set by the manufacturer."



Brandon Todd has been helping people on Medicare to access quality healthcare since 1997. His undying belief is that all seniors and those with disabilities should have complete access to our healthcare system without restriction and without insurance companies standing between them and their doctors.


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    With the right Medigap Insurance Company plan, when you go to the doctor or hospital you simply show your Medigap Insurance Company card to the Doctor or Hospital and it will all be taken care of for you.  In fact, Medicare will in most cases send your claim directly to your Medigap Supplement ...